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Dear Katerina Minaeva and the MTO Team,

Clean Energy applauds the Ministry’s efforts to modernize GCVP to support Ontario’s GHG reduction goals. We support the fact that the program identifies a variety of eligible fuels and technologies; however we think that the program needs to promote the most cost-effective, commercially available solutions and not promote pre-commercial efforts. Specifically, we feel that the proposed program disproportionately favors Battery Electric Vehicles by providing extremely large rebates while Near-Zero Emission Vehicles using renewable natural gas (RNG) qualify for strikingly low rebates.

Clean Energy recommends that the Ministry revise the program guidance to establish incentive levels from performance-based criteria to ensure that the program ultimately promotes the best available product or technology.

Background on Clean Energy: Clean Energy Fuels was founded in 1996 with stable leadership from our founders, T. Boone Pickens and Andrew J. Littlefair and is the largest provider of natural gas for transportation in North America, both in number of stations and liters sold per year. As a vertically integrated company, CE designs, builds, operates and maintains CNG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Liquid to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) fueling stations. CE currently fuels more than 45,000 NGVs daily at over 570 stations throughout North America.

With over 970 employees worldwide, CE is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA and three other regional offices located in Vancouver, BC; Concord, NH; and Dallas, TX. In Canada, we have over 200 employees here and are active in every province, including Ontario, except Newfoundland. Clean Energy is already buying and marketing RNG produced in Canada and selling it to transit, refuse and trucking fleets and looking for more RNG and customers. For more information on Clean Energy, please go to: .

The Team at Clean Energy is ready and willing to provide any additional information and meet with the MTO Team in person to discuss ways that we can support the adoption of Green Commercial Vehicle Program.

Please find below our responses to the 12 questions outlined in the “Green Commercial Vehicle Program 2017-2018 Program Guide for Consultation” discussion paper:

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