What's on the registry

Learn what the Government of Ontario’s Environmental Registry is and what’s on it.

On the registry

This is the place where you can consult and take part in provincial government decision-making that might affect the environment.

The Government of Ontario uses the registry to let people know about environmental matters in the province.

We consult with you on the registry by:

  • posting notices on what we’re doing that may affect the environment
  • letting you comment on the notices
  • informing you of any decisions we make

This includes changes to or new environmental:

  • acts
  • regulations
  • policies
  • instruments (e.g. permits, approvals and orders)

Learn more about the consultation process.

What’s not on the registry?

We have separate sites for:

  • environmental assessments – the planning, consultation and decision-making process to make sure potential environmental effects are considered before certain projects, like public roads and highways, transit or flood protection projects, begin
  • Access Environment – a map-based tool to search for registrations on the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry, renewable energy approvals and environmental compliance approvals issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (December 1999 onward)
  • brownfields and contaminated sites – processes for cleaning up and redeveloping contaminated and underused industrial and commercial properties, like factories, gas stations and commercial/industrial waterfront properties
  • Fuels Safety Program – regulates the transportation, storage, handling and use of fuels in Ontario
  • the Regulatory Registry – information and consultation on regulatory initiatives that could affect Ontario businesses
  • the Ontario Land Registry – Ontario’s official record of land ownership documents, including deeds, mortgages and plans of survey for title

The Government of Canada also has the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Registry, where you can find documents related to the federal administration of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

Glossary of terms

There are a few terms we use in the registry that might not be familiar to you.

Learn about the terms we use in the registry.

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