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This comment is respecting the properties known as 2200 and 2250 Islington Avenue, Toronto. The request is to remove those lands from the proposed Provincially Significant Employment Zone.

The property is the former Sears warehouse and Quebecor lands, now owned by Rice Commercial Group [RCG Islington 401 GP Inc.]. The majority of the property has not enjoyed any employment for sometime. The buildings remain but are not being used. In 2013 the former owner applied to the City of Toronto for a zoning by-law amendment to permit major retail permissions. Ultimately in 2018, after years of study and negotiation, City of Toronto Council approved the rezoning (by passing Zoning By-law 808-2018) and approving a plan of subdivision. This development was supported by a wide range of studies including an economic analysis which showed a substantial net benefit to the City. City staff supported the development. Both the existing City's Official Plan and, as a result of Zoning By-law 808-2018 the Zoning By-law, permits major retail on these properties.

Given the existing permissions on the properties, they should not be included in the Provincially Significant Employment Zone. The subject properties are shown on the attached map.

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