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To whom it may concern,

My name is Naveed Aslam and I am the Operations Manager at a company called AGF C&T Inc. Located in Scarborough at 93 Passmore Ave (Zone#6 404-407). We have been operating our business here since 1965. I am writing to you today to express my support for ERO#013-4506: Proposed Framework for Significant Employment Zones.

Our parent Company AGF Group has been in the reinforcing steel industry for over 70 years and employees thousands of people around the world. Currently our branch here in Scarborough employs roughly 65 people, and usually increase this number in the summer months. Our company is very proud to say that our employees come from a wide background of knowledge, experience, and nationalities. Most of our employees are resident of same locality.

As a supplier of reinforcing steel for a wide range of construction projects, residential condominiums included, we certainly support the development and growth of our great city.
However, having said that, we find ourselves concerned over the grown of residential areas closer and closer to our place of business. My once great concern is safety. In order for us to operate our business we rely on the movement of trailers in and out of our production shop to our trailer yard across the street. Our side of the street is split by a pedestrian sidewalk. Our company observes the highly level of safety as we conduct our work but the growing number of pedestrians, street traffic, and TTC routes on Passmore do have us concerned that we may someday be unable to safely operate our business.

In closing we appreciate all the efforts that the Government of Ontario is doing to protect local business and we appreciate the opportunity and platform for us to express our voice and share our concerns.


Naveed Aslam
Operations Manager