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This Bill is ridiculous! Didn't we already agree that the OMB was a disaster!

How can and should an unelected body usurp the desires of a community regarding responsible development in their community?

How does this have ANY aspects of democracy?

How can an elected provincial politician believe they are serving the interests of their constituents versus the interests of developers with little if any stake, other than financial, in the impact of the OMB approved developments?

All this does is put the entire power of residential development in the hands of developers with little to any concerns of the local community and its representatives who truly represent the interests of the community.

I demand that the province proceed along the path outlined by Bill 139 and terminate any further discussion on Bill 108 and that the decisions on development in Ontario and particularly Toronto be given back to those who live in these communities and their representatives and that developers have to work within the framework of Bill 139 to gain approval for any future development.