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Through Halton Region Report No. PW-31-19, the Region of Halton is providing the following comments on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO 013-5000 ) Excess soil regulatory proposal and
amendments to Record of Site Condition (Brownfields) Regulations”:

1. Among staff comments will be a recommendation that any reference to municipal
wellhead protection areas should include Source Protection Plans prepared under
the Clean Water Act, 2006, in order to ensure that the current wellhead protection
areas are considered.

2. Staff continue to engage in conversations with the Ministry of the Environment,
Conservation and Parks over concerns regarding Phase I and Phase II
Environmental Site Assessments potential differences between existing soil quality
standards by those proposed under the new soil rules standards.

3. alignment with previously submitted comments on “Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal” (ERO 013-2774)

Additional background information and discussion can be found in the attached report.

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