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These comments are from 8Trees Inc. a small environmental consulting company located in the Niagara Region. Part of our mandate is to find innovative approaches to ecological restoration, enhance science-communication with the public, and mentor students in areas of biological conservation, ecology, and environmental policy. We agree that innovation is a key to finding sustainable solutions to our declining biodiversity. With this in mind, we support changes to the ESA that align with innovation.

The idea that deep pockets can buy out of protecting endangered species and their habitat unravels a thread woven around the foundation of ecological principles, sustainability, and innovation. 8trees would be happy to offer our assistance in ways of developing ecological innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development. As an example, areas that need to be addressed in an innovative manner are 'ecological traps'. Ecological traps are anthropogenically altered habitats that attract wildlife but change in quality so that animals die off. Some examples are obvious such as roads and turbines, but not all traps are obvious such as degraded wetlands and streams. The use of fencing to exclude species is an option that lacks innovation and should be considered as a last resort.
We would offer our support in developing innovations for the ESA.