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Although a webinar was offered at the end of October to introduce the proposed Guideline A-5 updates, the updates were only briefly mentioned and were not presented in detail at this time. It is my understanding that the Guideline A-5 updates will be presented in detail during the Air Practitioners’ Group & MECP Joint Meeting on December 9th. I was able to somewhat thoroughly review the Guideline A-5 updates prior to the comment closing period (Nov 27), however I suspect that other consultants may not have done so and December 9th will be the first time they are seeing the details of the updates. Given that the proposed changes to Guideline A-5 are significant, and include complex calculations and new emission limits to be met, I predict that there will be questions and comments from Air Practitioners following the meeting. How will the MECP accommodate questions and comments from Air Practitioners following the December 9th meeting, since the ERO comment period will have already been closed?