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Discuss updating permits to reflect actual water needs-
• who determines the needs of a particular industry?
• if they base it on past taking they do not reflect needs for current production, only what was required at that time.
• water takings are based on pumped water and do not reflect that the water is taken in a closed loop system

Discuss taking water from “other sources of water that would be more reliable or sustainable” but what would these be?

Discuss Scheduling of water taking (different hours) between users.
• The issue with this is that in some cases we are restricted by other regulations- site plan conditions, ECA’s, Noise Guidelines, By laws etc

When there is a shortage water it is to be shared based on priority of users.
• Again, this classifies Aggregates as a lower priority but does not take into account that aggregates uses water in a closed loop system continually recycling their water taking over and over. Therefore their affect and amount of taking would actually be less than other industrial applications.