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The ambition of this ROP does not reflect a solution to the current conditions of the Housing Crisis, Affordability, Homelessness and expected Immigration increase coming to the region. While it is ambitious for a 15 minute walk community and nature enthusiasts, it fails to address the economic challenges posed by the changing world around us and some Townships like Woolwich will not be a 15 min walk community. This cannot sustain our community for 30 years. Please make home ownership a reality. Inclusivity zoning should be strategically rolled in all areas to allow a balanced spread in the region and density living.

Transit is undefined for inter-city, and needs to be boldly and decisively implemented. New HWY 7 for a broader use to the Airport and Proposed Breslau Go Station is an advantage. Mixed zoning in and around Transit areas is recommended. It just appears as though the reality of post COVID-19 economic recovery is not reflected in this ROP. The King Victoria Transit Hub (KVTH) should be given some traction. Also as new model of building Transit Stations by Metrolinx, the Market Driven approach to building Go Stations should be factored into this proposal.