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Instrument type: Environmental Compliance Approval (sewage)

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Environmental Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990
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Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
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June 11, 2024 - July 26, 2024 (45 days) Open
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July 26, 2024

Proposal summary

This proposal is for an amendment to Environmental Compliance Approval No. A-500-7090033587 for sewage works serving Sun-Brite Foods Inc., located at 1532 County Road 34, in the Town of Kingsville, Ontario.


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1532 County Road 34
Kingsville, ON

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Sun-Brite Foods Inc.
1532 Country Road 34
Kingsville, ON
N0P 2G0

Proposal details

This proposal is for an amendment to the existing Environmental Compliance Approval No. A-500-7090033587 issued on December 11, 2020, for approval of sewage works for the collection, transmission, treatment and disposal of treated process effluent, non-contact cooling water and stormwater runoff, serving a food processing facility canning tomatoes, sauces, condiments and beans, located at 1532 County Road 34 in the Town of Kingsville, Onario. The proposed works will discharge to the Melville-Bruner Drain Extension, and ultimately via the Melville-Bruner Drain and the Lane Drain to Lake Erie, or by spray irrigation.

This amendment application is for approval of upgrades to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant and the establishment of stormwater management works for the collection, transmission, treatment, and disposal of stormwater runoff from the new warehouse portion of the site.

The proposed works consist of:

  1. a Dissolved Air Flotation with pipe flocculator system for chemical addition (pH adjustment, coagulant agent and polymer) to enhance the solids removal;
  2. a centrifugal dewatering system for sludge management;
  3. a drainage grassed swale; and
  4. a stormwater management dry pond.

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