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There is not an infinite supply of ground water and corporations who are literally taking this for free and selling it for huge profits should find other sources for their bottled water supply. Guelph is dependent, as many communities in Ontario are, on ground water supplies and to allow corporations access to this supply will jeopardize the future of such communities. These corporations will pump the aquifers dry and then move on to take water somewhere else. They could care less that they are depleting our aquifers and they show no corporate responsibility in their policies of water taking. This combined with the plastic waste produced by the bottling industry needs to be addressed now, not when the water runs out or we are buried in waste plastic.

The bottled water industry and all industries supplying beverages in one-use throw away plastic containers should be charged a levy on each and every container sold. Literally and figuratively speaking, we are awash in a sea of plastic containers, very few of which are recycled. I realize that this cost will be passed on to users, but it is high time that those who buy these throw-away containers start paying the actual costs of disposal.

The Ontario Government needs to take a leadership role and develop policies to address both of these major issues.