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The problem with bottled water is not necessarily the depletion of water resources but the plethora of plastic garbage. The province should develop education programs to wean the populace off one-use plastic bottles.

Because of the concern over plastic waste, firms like Nestle have been maligned by "environmental" groups who spread mis-information and fear about the mismanagement of our water resources. There is nothing wrong with taking water from the ground and selling it as long as the pumping is sustainable. Why do these groups complain about the water bottling industry which provides an essential fluid while they do not criticise the breweries, the soda drink industries and the like which also take water but do not provide essential fluids. We have a water taking permitting program. It is effective in maintaining sustainable water taking operations. I am not an advocate of bottled water but am concerned that policies may get introduced which are based on emotion and not on scientific principles.