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The Town of Oakville supports the development of a Green Vehicle Commercial Program that would provide financial incentives and rebates for the purchase of commercial fleet green technology. The Town also commends the Ontario Ministry of Transportation on identifying the opportunity to reduce provincial greenhouse gas emissions through the application of green technology in commercial fleets.

The Town of Oakville recognizes the operating costs savings and greenhouse gas reductions achieved through green fleet practices including, but not limited to, right sizing vehicles, driver training, anti-idling enforcement, devices that improve efficiency and alternative fuel sources. The proposed Green Vehicle Commercial Program provides additional incentive and supports the business case to utilizing proven technologies to reduce the impacts of commercial fleet operations.

Access to Program -

The Electric Vehicle Incentive Program and Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program have easy to obtain, straight-forward applications that can be accessed directly through rather than require registration through the Ontario Grants Portal. Open access to Program guide and application can promote better uptake of the Program and facilitate easier collaboration between multiple departments that would come together to submit an application.

Scope of Program -

Where practicable and viable the Town of Oakville works with OEMs to embed and utilize engine features that improve performance efficiency of fleet vehicles, such as anti-idling monitoring equipment. The Town further supports the use and popularization of these systems to a wider, commercial base.

Within the Town’s municipal fleet, there are a limited number of vehicles that would fall within the scope of the Green Vehicle Commercial Program where the devices and fuel types could be effectively applied. The Town would welcome future complimentary Programs that provide the same level of financial incentive for other classes and uses of vehicles, including passenger transport.

The Town commends the Ministry of Energy for providing a significant financial incentive opportunity for the uptake of alternative fuel technology. Anti-idling devices and alternative fuel vehicles significantly reduce the overall life-cycle greenhouse gas emission of fleet vehicles. Their application in the Town’s corporate fleet supports the Town’s 2050 goal to reduce corporate greenhouse emissions by 80% from 2014 levels. Through the Town’s Corporate Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan and Sustainable Green Fleet Procedure, alternative fuel sources are considered in the purchase of new vehicles. However, the Town’s 4500 KG and up vehicles are specifically designed to fulfill the Town’s performance requirements. Further investigation is needed to determine compatibility of performance requirements and alternative fuel vehicles listed in Section 3. General Eligibility Criteria for Commercial Motor Vehicles. Along with compatibility, many commercial institutions and municipalities may not be aware or have access to all the available devices or vehicle options that meet the eligibility requirements for this Program. With rapidly evolving options and products available on the market, the Program website must be regularly updated and reviewed to ensure that applicants have view of all options available to them.

Thank you for the consideration of input. Please do not hesitate to contact myself for further clarification or questions.

Deniz Ergun
Research Policy Analyst
Environmental Policy
Town of Oakville | 905-845-6601, ext. 3910 |

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