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For 95 years, Canadian Tire Corporation has provided customers with everything they need for the Jobs and Joys of Life in Canada. No other company understands the needs of Canadians quite like Canadian Tire. We are Canada’s store, and it’s a responsibility we do not take lightly. In virtually every community across this country, Canadians look to us to be there for them.

We are a part of the fabric of this nation, and we understand that our actions have the power to positively impact the environment, our customers and the communities in which we operate; that’s why we never stop looking for ways to integrate new and innovative sustainable practices into our business strategy. Since 2008, we have focused our efforts to bring more sustainable solutions and innovations to our business and retail operations.

Canadian Tire has one of the largest ground transportation networks in the country, moving tens of thousands of different types of products to our 379 retail locations across Ontario. Making sure that the flow of goods from around the world to our store shelves is as efficient as possible is key to our business strategy and our sustainability performance.

We are proud to be partners in the economic success of Ontario and look forward to working with the government on policy and regulatory issues in the future.

Canadian Tire Corporation would like to put forth the following feedback:

Section B. Program Eligibility Criteria: 3. General Eligibility Criteria for Commercial Motor Vehicles:

CTC requests that the eligibility weight restriction of 4,500 kg (Class 3-8) be removed from the General Eligibility Criteria for Commercial Motor Vehicles. PartSource has 61 stores in Ontario with approximately 400 commercial delivery vehicles, which service all areas of Ontario. The majority of the PartSource fleet is made up of smaller combustion engine vehicles (e.g. Nissan Micra, Hyundia Accent) to ensure more efficient and fuel saving operations. The policy as currently drafted would disqualify PartSource from transitioning its fleet to EV.

Section B. Program Eligibility Criteria: 4.2 Overview of the Green Commercial Vehicle Program:

CTC requests that the proposed 30% differential rebate for new natural gas vehicles be increased to be representative of what other competitive provinces offer, particularly British Columbia who is currently the leader in this category with a threshold of up to 80%. If the province keeps the base at 30%, we suggest a 20% early adopter addition, as this would be a strategic way to incentivize the market leading to a potential payback in allowing one to make the right environmental decision while seeding the market.

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