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   Our comments regarding the proposed new natural heritage system mapping are similar to those identified for the draft agricultural land base mapping, and are summarized below:

 • There are significant differences among the draft Provincial NHS mapping and the current Greenlands designation as mapped in the County Official Plan.

 • A Natural Heritage System Map Overlay illustrating the Township’s draft Official Plan land use designations overlain on the proposed draft GGH NHS mapping is attached hereto.

 • Through the consultation process in preparing the Township’s draft Official Plan, landowners expressed concerns with the extent of the proposed Greenlands designation identified in the Township Official Plan.

 • The Township Greenlands designation has been mapped based on the current County Official Plan Greenlands designation, mapping information from the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) Evaluation of Natural Heritage Conditions Study (2010) prepared for the Township, and the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan (2015).

 • Mapping from these sources and aerial imagery were carefully reviewed and compared in developing the draft map schedules for the Township’s draft Official Plan, and, recognizing the generality of the mapping data, appropriate policies have been included in the draft Official Plan to provide for more detailed study and refinement at the site level through zoning. Some refinements have been proposed within the draft Zoning By-law mapping prepared as part of the Township’s new draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law.

 • In some cases, landowners who participated in the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Review process brought forward more specific and detailed information from previous approvals, which was used to further refine and improve the accuracy of the Greenlands mapping.

 • As shown on the attached overlay map, the proposed draft GGH NHS mapping is significantly broader and more general than the County Greenlands designation and the draft Greenlands mapping developed for the Township’s new Official Plan.

 There are some areas identified as part of the Township and County Greenlands mapping that are not mapped as part of the draft GGH NHS.

 • From our review of the draft GGH NHS information provided, and based on the efforts that have been made over the last five years by the Township working with landowners to develop and refine the proposed Greenlands mapping as a locally-based NHS using the best available mapping information, the proposed GGH NHS mapping will be of significant concern for many Township residents.

 • To allow sufficient time to review the draft GGH NHS mapping in detail and properly refine and implement this mapping in consultation with landowners and the public more generally, the mapping should be reviewed and refined further through detailed consultation with the affected municipalities, and should only become effective through updates to upper- and lower-tier official plans.

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