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013-4239 New Regulation under the Planning Act for open-for-business planning tool (6-Dec-2018 to 21-Jan-2019)

As an Ontario Resident and Taxpayer, I object to Bill 66 and its "open-for-business" planning tool, which disregards ON’s hard won environmental legislation. By jeopardizing clean water sources, green space, prime farmland and taking Ontario backwards, this government is risking our children’s future. Our next generations are entitled to grow up with the same quality and diversity of life that we have enjoyed.

While local levels of government must have a voice in local planning, that voice should not trump provincial environmental protections.

Our current representatives in government need to understand that passed legislation has been worked on and approved by many individuals and groups, which incurred expense of both time and money. Legislation must not to be set aside lightly. Consultation with taxpayers, residents, experts, First Nations and other stakeholders must take place.

This government is relying on Ontarians to be too busy and distracted by the holiday season to object to legislative amendments. So much for Premier Ford's promise to "bring accountability, integrity and transparency back to the people of Ontario."

#ProtectOurWater #ProtectPrimeFarmland #Greenbelt #GrowOurGB #StandForForests #FoodAndWaterFirst