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To whom it may concern:

I live in the Land of lndustrial Turbines: in the Conception and Consultation stage, I went to meetings and presentations, shrugged my shoulders passively and thought "it'll be ok"; in the Construction stage, I realized the collateral impact of these turbines is massive; now we are firmly in the Operation stage , and I can no longer in good conscience passively think "it'll be ok": I now oppose, in the strongest possible terms, simply grandfathering existing renewable energy projects.

These existing projects are the source of thousands of documented complaints and/or problems re personal health, water well disruption and/or destruction, and negative community impact.
Rather than simply grandfathering, I suggest an alternate mentality: "Get It Right"...investigate the personal health issues, the water well issues, the community impact issues, and resolve them to the complainants satisfaction. Get It Right: if necessary, shut down existing projects if it will permit an accurate comparison assessment of their impact: the time to do this is now, while Ontario has a surplus of electrical generating capacity.

I could go on, but that would be taking your time away from what really needs to be done: getting it right. I, I request, that you come out to the Land of Industrial Turbines and get first-hand reports from the people that have to live with these things twenty-four hours a day. It really is not "The Answer", as originally presented.

Respectfully Submitted December 23, 2018