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To whom it may concern. I live in South Simcoe. I have no problem with our area growing, as long as it addresses some of my concerns with how it is done. Keep with the concept of, places to grow, ie; keep the growth in the identified growth nodes. DON'T allow new towns or cities to spring up in the middle of agricultural areas. DON'T bring in regional governments, this amalgamation has already been forced on us once. We ended up with bigger government and higher taxes, which we don't need. These amalgamated area's are big enough now to allow for the growth without conflict with neighbouring municipalities. The work on expanding the 400 Hwy up to Barrie is great, but we need to speed up bringing the 427 north, up and around Barrie. When doing this, it needs to be designed for future rail and bus lines when population warrants this service. The Bradford bypass is important to hook up the 404 and 400 hwy's. Thank you for this forum to allow me to have my input.