This section of the planning…


This section of the planning document is the one which has the most to be concerned about. We currently have some of the best agricultural land in Canada in our area. It is constanly under threat from development - both from city governments and from developers. This land, once converted to commercial, industrial or residentil use, is out of food production forever. And we had less and less of this alnd available. Further, with climate change, we have a less reliable and more expensive souce in foreign countries.We can grow our own food, or much of it, and we should. The current municipal boundaries are sufficient to enable future growth expectations on existing land inside the boundarie, without the need to go outside. I would like to see the land protected for future generations, not used for the immediate pleasure of the current families and developers who have the ability to stay within city boundaries.

I see what you are proposing as being a weakening, not a strengthenng, of the curent protective regulations for farming lands. I suggest going in the opposite direction.