The amendments to the Growth…


The amendments to the Growth Plan are not good for Ontario. The majority of the municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe have enough unused land within the built-up boundaries to supply housing and commercial land for the next 10 years. In addition, the existing housing stock in many of these areas can be modified to create greater intensification.

Reducing the targets of the number of people and jobs per hectare will allow sprawl, either urban or industrial/commercial within both the built-up area and greenfield lands.

I also believe that allowing market demand to determine housing stock may have unintended consequences. The municipalities may end up with many large homes than can't be supported by the citizens in the future.

None of these amendments will in any way, shape or form affect housing affordability. Developers will charge market rates for their 'new builds' and will sit on large parcels of development lands if supply causes prices to drop.