The proposal seems to be one…


The proposal seems to be one that protects farmland. However, it is also stated that it will enable "unlocking land for residential development." It is hard to see how these opposing aims can be accomplished.

The region of Waterloo has a history of holding the line on development onto farmland, but there is still large scale development going on in certain areas. However, the region has been able to intensify largely within its boundaries by encouraging development of brownfields and, minimally, open spaces.

It is really important to protect our farmland from development of housing, shopping centres and roads. Once that land is removed from agricultural production, it will never return. Too often it would mean even more destruction of built structures and parking lots, all going to where? Landfills? Contamination of the soil would also make return to the soil impossible. So, let's preserve that land so that we can continue to enjoy locally produced food.