In my close to 70 years, I…

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In my close to 70 years, I have been to approx. 20 OMB hearings. I have never seen anyone but the developer or person asking for quite ridiculous exemptions win. The persons voting to keep the new development in accordance with the existing laws has lost every time.

I bought a west facing house to get the afternoon sun. First one house got the exemption, then the second and now the 3rd. My sun is gone. I don't want to live here any longer but feel the weight and expense of a move is too much for a retired senior citizen.
Now they want to designate this entire area historical. Brand new houses historical??
The limits of City hall foolishness are endless. The councillor is afraid to state her presence as she may eventually lose her seat if she voices her thoughts.
No-- the employees are simply too lazy to designate on an individual basis. It is all historical from here to there. One fell swoop regardless of how it hurts the residents. Brand new houses historical. Very dumb but only in Toronto.

Eventually I quit going even trying to understand the stupidity of City Hall.

Ruin your city. I will be leaving shortly anyway.