I am opposed to the 2-year…


I am opposed to the 2-year exemption from the Endangered Species Act, 2007, for forestry and mining operations on Crown
Land. There are already many negative impacts due to resource extraction (mining and forestry) in Northwest Ont.:
- Endangered species need continued protection of habitat to maintain healthy populations.
- Pollution of shoreline waters and destruction of habitat for birds and wildlife is caused by mining exploration and forestry operations.
- Forest access roads increase hunting pressure and have a negative impact on wildlife (moose) populations.
- Use of herbicides decreases plant biodiversity and damages harvest areas (I.e. wild berries) which are a source of food for many birds and animals.
- Not enough trees are reaching old-growth (80+ years) maturity. Old-growth trees are important for some bird species.
- Too many trees are being harvested and chipped up for export.