I expect the government to…


I expect the government to act responsibly with my generous tax dollars to protect Canadian forests. I want there to be a legacy for future generations, the unborn Canadians. Its much to easy to govern with expediency and getting today's vote with no regard for anything outside the 4 year term. In fact that is exactly what we saw with the Harper group which ruthlessly removed federal protection off of much of our drinking water in Canada. That is sick! I expect forest planning to protect against massive wildfires yet ensure there will forests in the future to home various species of plant and wild life. Also we must include native people's in this planning. They are entitled to clean water and lush forests as their treaties included. Look at all the cancer and disease associated with dirty water that they now endure. This I have seen firsthand and its extremely disturbing that we treat people so poorly in Canada. Its racist the way that we disregard native person's heritage. I believe that this government can and will do better than the previous bunch who simply focused on fleecing our forests and lining their pockets and those of their allies.

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