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To Whom This May Concern,
Finding a home for excavated fill is always going to be problematic, so we need to do the best job that can be done and seek higher standards.
Poisoning the ground and water in our rural communities to alleviate a headache for a condo developer is not a fair trade off.
The regulations for soil testing and remediation need to be strengthend.
As citizens of Ontario, we rely on our elected officials to protect our communities, food and us!
If you pass this proposal, you will surely add to the trouble already getting out of hand.
You are our leaders, change the rules to protect us. Will it be more expensive to dump soil if it needs to be cleaned to a higher standard... yes! Then that's the price that needs to be included in the cost of doing business in this industry and we all need to share this cost to keep from poisoning ourselves.
Do your part
Karen Rathwell
Guelph, ON