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Toxic soil is a threat to drinking water, public health, and must be monitored, tested and remediated where possible. It must be safely contained where not.

Shawnigan Lake in BC is a terrible example of what can happen when this challenge is taken lightly. Toxic soil was dumped into a quarry above a lake used for drinking water, leaching a danger, and it took years, court cases and lots of money on the part of the citizens to get the dumping stopped and now the soil is still there and no one is taking responsibility for its removal. Millions of dollars spent in courts and the threat continues.

These are environmental disasters in the making without proper testing and regulations to control how and where this soil is treated and not just dumped. Toxic chemicals at times cannot be remediated and must be contained safely. This is not to be ignored!

Historically we have been apathetic or ignorant of the dangers of many of our practices. We cannot afford to continue with a heads in the sand approach. That sand could be deadly!