I support The Friends of…


I support The Friends of Simcoe Forests Inc that have devoted considerable time, effort and financial resources to appeal the County of Simcoe Official Plan Amendment 2.

Friends of Simcoe Forests Inc. have retained Dougan & Associates Ecological Consulting and Design (D&A) to provide a peer review services for natural heritage impact studies being
completed for the proposed Environmental Resource Recovery Center, Springwater, Ontario. This
facility has been proposed by the County of Simcoe to be located within the Simcoe County Forest,
within an area known as the Freele Tract.

Based on the GHD studies and reconnaissance on behalf of FSF Inc., I believe that the following
Provincial Policy Statement categories of natural heritage features are present on the site:
- Significant Woodlands
- Significant Wetlands
- Significant Wildlife Habitat

Three Provincially Endangered bat species have been documented on the Freele Tract site, and habitat use by these species includes maternity roosts, day roosting and foraging. We believe that there is also potential for Endangered Jefferson Salamander hybrids to be using the vernal pools.

Dougan & Associates Ecological Consulting and Design believe that the County’s proposal to place this facility within the RNHS is not consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement or the RNHS policies within the Growth Plan. The area protected under the Greenbelt Plan (2017) may be extended in the future to cover this area of the Oro Moraine; Greenbelt Policy would prohibit such a use.

Proposing changes AFTER appeals have been filed is nothing short of unfair. I am shocked and outraged that the Province would display such a blatant disregard for due process and environmental protection in Ontario.