3. Temporary Soil Storage…

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3. Temporary Soil Storage Sites:

For the purposes of paragraph 10 of subsection 17 (1) of the regulation, the project leader or public
body who owns the property on which the temporary soil storage site is located shall ensure that the
following requirements are met:

We need clarification as to what Public Body means?

Project leader who owns: Can this also mean that the Project Leader can lease a piece of property or part of a property to be a temporary soil storage site?

2 Viii Sampling requirements.
As based on the proposed regulation as a Phase 1 and 2 ESA is required to be completed along with potentially additional sampling. Consideration should be given to reduce the sampling frequency if the original sampling shows the soil located below grade already meets Table 1 or Table 2 standards. A more reasonable sampling frequency for already proven clean material would be 1 sample per 1000m3.