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I think the government needs to realize that this cannot be taken care of with One swoop of the paintbrush. You need to consider things like the neighborhood, property sizes and style of build when deciding what to allow into an established neighborhood. We had townhouses built into our neighborhood. They are an incredible eyesore. They also forced the individuals living on either side to move because now they were faced with looking at a large wall of brick rather than the open space feel of the neighborhood that they had lived in since 1960. Intensification is a great idea however it does not work well everywhere. Local governments should have far more control over what happens in their own cities. I can't imagine if you open up green space and if you open up every neighborhood to intensification. We will end up looking like China. How shameful to remove all the Green Space, especially in Canada. Allow neighborhoods to have larger properties and not make those targets for Builders who are just out for money. Don't fool yourself, they're not doing it for the greater good oh, they're doing it for the money.
The government also needs to consider cities that have universities and colleges in them. This changes the housing needs and restrictions needed. Neighborhoods near the University will become neglected as absentee landlords buy up properties.
Changes need to begin at the bottom and by that I mean the government should tax rentals as businesses. This would hopefully have absentee landlords sell their property. Now that house will become available as an affordable house for individuals starting out or another landlord who will take care of it will take that house and make it into a rental that is suitable for individuals. Absentee landlords often charge cash and do not even claim that income. You need to control these rentals and make it a market that is safe for a student's for families for individuals who need a home to live in and cannot afford to buy one.
Is very difficult to make a point regarding this without being able to show the impact that the rules have made so far. When individuals from Toronto come into the smaller towns and spread further and further out of Toronto because they realize they can make a lot of money doing so it hurts everyone except for the builders we're tearing down neighborhoods and Building Things that do not fit in just to make money. Focus should be on the downtown areas of cities. Provide housing opportunities for individuals in the downtown core and this will help bring businesses as well. Please stop allowing people to go in purchase a house that is 1000 square feet and build a house that is 2000 square feet on the property just because the property is large enough to do so. Most times it is a nice or within the neighborhood and it ruins the whole feel of the neighborhood. It takes away the pleasure of living in that place.