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As a citizen of Ontario, I am sincerely concerned the the Conservative approach to housing, including its policy changes, will only further environmental damage to this province. It is impossible to ease restrictions on building on green space without further adding to the environmental emergency that we face in this country. There is a simple, well documented and well researched approach to low income housing crisis - as seen in areas like Portland Oregon, etc....just build affordable housing and give it to people with no homes! The Housing First Strategy works wherever its instituted and frankly, give up the nonsense about increasing taxes to do it.

Ontario has a REVENUE problem, not a SPENDING problem and if you did five minutes of research you'd know this. Increase personal and corporate taxes to allow for the increased spending required in this province. Ontario spends less per capita on education, housing, health than any other province in Canada and this is because of the nonsense rhetoric that we are over taxed.

I hate what the Conservatives are doing to my province. I wish you'd just bow out and allow a more humane and empathetic party to lead the way.