30 years of Chinook stocking…

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30 years of Chinook stocking in Lake Superior, and the Kam River in particular have proved that it is ineffective, contributing only 1% of the fish caught by angling; this result is consistent every time the stock is assessed. MNR's own guidelines call for >20% contribution of stocked fish to the overall population to justify a stocking program. Chinook stocking has never approached this figure, and 30 years of stocking efforts have proven that stocking will never meet this objective. The Kaministiquia River supported a naturalized, wild and growing population of Chinook PRIOR to the development of a hatchery program. This wild population in the Kam has dwindled to very low numbers, where other systems (without hatchery interference) have thrived: I am of the belief that the hatchery interference in the natural selection process has contributed to this decline. The ONLY WAY to determine what the natural capacity of the Kam to produce a maximized self- sustaining population of Chinook is to eliminate stocking of hatchery fish, and to let nature demonstrate the capacity of this system. 30 Years of failure has clearly demonstrated that it is time for a different approach! Thank You