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I support the proposal of a short-term extension to the cottage lots at Rondeau.
However the significant delays in this process are unconscionable. These discussions have been ongoing for over 10 years with little progress. As a cottage owner since 1996 I was pleased to see the last round of "conditions" that required a commitment from cottage owners to commit to their cottage ownership or give up their lease, and for the septic system inspection process to occur. However many cottages are in need of maintenance repairs, which have been put off for several years due to the uncertainty, (with a lease renewal date decision being expected at some point in 2017 or 2018) and now it is becoming crucial that these maintenance projects be done (i.e. new roofs, windows, etc.) but committing thousands of dollars into these repairs with no certainty of the outcome is putting many cottage owners in a very untenable position.
The cottage community at Rondeau has been there for the past 100 years and is part of the "cultural fabric" of the Park. The cottagers provide not only significant financial contributions to the operation of the Park, but contribute to the vitality of the "Rondeau Park community", bringing visitors in and providing for many of the recreational opportunities for kids and families to enjoy our great Ontario outdoors, and participate in the Ministry-sponsored environmental education programs as well. This unique partnership has enabled Rondeau to remain a viable part of the Chatham-Kent/Southwestern Ontario community experience for generations. We sincerely hope this can continue well into the future, and that the financial and recreational contributions of the cottagers be recognized through their long-term continued presence in the Park.