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Thank you for advancing the wild pigs emergent issue and others invasive species listed. I endorse appropriate action and proceding forward with aditional resourcing as required .
Visual information to raise public awareness should be provided by the Ministry and partnering NOG's like OFAH regarding each "member" species of concern .
The prompt identification with business number of pgs when purchased and maintained need to be implemented and inspected by OMAFRA . Faikure to do so should be an offence . The caputure and or erradication of feral pigs should be encouraged by the Provincial Minister(s) and designated officers adminietering such actions/strategies to prevent spread saved blameless. The owner of "branded" animals given the option of collecting the animal(s) or paying costs associated with such actions
The carrier proposal --recreational boats being cleaned and dry ,free of vegetative matter is OK . Shouldn't any remaining colling water in the motor(s) also be flushhed ?