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I do agree that the Invasive Species act should be reviewed for species and carrier. Furthermore, it should be reviewed in conjunction with angling behavior and regulation.

Many individuals who use live bait do NOT follow regulation and transport and release the contents of their bait bucket into water bodies and water ways. Film crews have also been known to transport fish overland without permit and hold fish from hatcheries in waterways for use in footage, I have been first hand witness to this.

would the regulation of one or more of the proposed species or carrier have a positive or negative economic impact on you or your business

There would be no negative impact on my business. In fact, there would be a net positive effect for all busiensses if the native species in the area were better protected and invasive species would be kept out.

what rules do you recommend be applied to some or all the identified species or carrier – see sections 6, 7, or 8 of the Invasive Species Act, 2015 for more information.

Ruse to be applied should be:
- No live bait for angling
- Use of only frozen or preserved bait allowed

No expeptions should be allowed at all. Keep them out, fine heavily, and imprison offenders. The costs to the environment and economy are too great.