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Menkes is a large commercial owner, developer, and manager in the GTA, and very much have utilized CDM programs.

Here our three specific suggestions:
1) Return energy audit funding that covers 50% of the audit cost.
Energy Audits are effective in helping us identify opportunities and build our Energy Management Action Plan (E-MAP). Audit funding was cut last March 2019 when CDM was transferred to the ieso and is not appearing in the proposed framework

2) Replace the current Energy Performance Program (EPP) with Toronto Hydro’s OPSaver program.
Detailed experience on both programs are available that demonstrate the superior benefits of the OPSaver program. OPSaver also provides the flexibility to allow the customer to choose what is in their best interest.

3) Develop, in partnership with NRCan’s Existing Building Commission (EBCx) for energy performance and a COVID response
Buildings use 40 percent of energy consumption and energy efficiency has the most cost effective CO2 reduction. As urban populations increase the potential for existing buildings to contribute to sustainable solutions increases.

In addition there should be funding available for commercial buildings to reduce demand during the peak Global adjustment times so that we can stay competitive in the market place.