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Comments for First Nation Conservation Programs

1) need to be tailored to meet First Nation needs i.e. comprehensive weatherization measures, capacity building, collaboration with local First Nation housing department, collaboration with other funding sources i.e. CMHC, Health Canada & ISC, and provide ongoing support
2) Ontario, and/or the designated funder must specifically allocate a minimum percentage of funding (20-25%) of budgetary funding for LDC's serving FN clients towards custom programming including the items noted in Item 1) above; in order to ensure First Nation programs are consistent across Ontario
3) budgeting needs to include concessions for remoteness factors such as bulk purchasing, transportation fees, lack of local skilled labour, lack of local professionals, lack of local material suppliers, training costs, IT upgrades and support, local champions, overhead costs, and use of external consultants
4) custom reporting templates must be developed for remote First Nations as generic templates do not accurately reflect the savings achieved and are better suited for Southern communities, and are difficult to populate when budgetary concessions are approved to cover unique costs associated with remoteness factors
5) need more Health & Safety funds to address structural and electrical issues
6) In order to ensure maximum results are achieved, programs must include a complete package of comprehensive draftproofing, insulation installations, mechanical ventilation installation at a minimum, and consider foundation repairs, exterior finishes, and doors/windows
7) Conservation on the Coast is a positive model to follow as it includes comprehensive weatherization measures, capacity building, and community education on conservation