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The City of Barrie appreciates the opportunity to provide the following comments on the proposed regulatory changes:

1. Amend Regulation 347 under the EPA to transition the delivery of hazardous waste digital reporting services to the Authority.

A. Transition delivery and operation of the hazardous waste digital reporting service
-In favour of this transition to a digital reporting system, and the Authority to deliver and operate this service.
B. Change registration and reporting requirements to support electronic service delivery
-Agree with the proposal to replace and paper manifests.

Annual Registration
-Agree with the removal of an annual renewal requirement, and the proposal to instead allow generators to renew upon their first shipment after 365 days from the last renewal.

Reporting Requirements
-Agree with the proposal that the activities listed (Offsite and Onsite Management) would continue to be reportable waste management activities.

Report Completion
Q - How will parties be notified when it is their turn to complete their section or confirm that a shipment arrived where/when it was intended?
Q - What will the notification systems look like? Email notifications providing updates along the way?

Delegating Authority
Agree to allow delegates to register, report, and pay fees on behalf of generators. Whether or not we would use this, I am uncertain but good to have the option available.

Paper-based Reporting
Agree to allow the use of paper-based reporting in instances where electronic reporting isn’t feasible, as a type of contingency plan if unable to use the electronic service.