I am a Butternut Health…


I am a Butternut Health Assessor and an ISA Certified Arborist. I, along with many others have invested much time and money in becoming a Butternut Health Assessor, and the proposal would negate proponents from choosing a Butternut Health Assessor over an Arborist or qualified person to conduct Butternut Health Assessments if it is more cost effective or faster for the proponent to do so. From a business and professional point of view, this is very concerning and basically means the training and money put in, and the designation of a BHA means very little, if any "qualified person" such as an Arborist can perform the assessments.
What is the definition of a "qualified person" allowed to perform the Butternut Health Assessments?
and who can qualify that person before the assessment(s) is performed? What is that procedure?
Do the assessments still have to be performed and submitted in the current standard ways as the BHA's have been trained, no matter who performs the assessments?