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No secret aquifers are lowering world wide . Here included. Your focus is on water bottling companies is admirable. Your missing some of the heavy duty users though. These properties have multiple wells and multiple permits for ground and surface water takings of very high volumes. They do not even produce food. As soon as l see these cannons fire up you can literally watch peoples ponds drop to very low serious levels for the aquatic life that lives in them. This effects all the water tributaries. These water takers care 0 about drought conditions or the ecosystems that is harmed by low water levels. This does cause damage to aquifers when they continue to drain the water shed. Subsidence and Aquifer compaction is a real thing. This can not be reversed once compaction happens. The soil can no longer regenerate former recharge. Some of these high volumes users are loading Lakes rivers and steams with the goodies they use like fertilizer and pesticides products. They do not even grow Food. This use by them is not sustainable. Especially because no body has done actual aquifer mapping or tracked the levels they drop to in certain conditions in all area's. Better take stock of them before it's to late. Should limit the amount of wells and permits the same owner can take out. Should do proper/Studies/investigations when you lose parts of rivers and steams or wells go dry. If these high volumes users take out your well they have to provide you a new deeper well because they dropped the water shed on you. The answer is not to go deeper how it is these days. Once it effects other's they should be revoked period.