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This proposal presents the most egregious abuse of power imaginable with respect to trampling on the rights of citizens, municipalities and local / regional conservation authorities! There are already far too many examples of past Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZO's) riding roughshod over the legitimate concerns and objections of those individuals and groups affected.

The examples used to justify this outrage - namely, provision of long term care facilities and affordable housing - do not remotely represent the range of hostile MZO's that have been foisted upon unsuspecting Ontarians, even without the ultimate takeover components of this unbelievable proposal.
Far too many MZO's have simply pandered to the commercial and financial interests of developers, which would seem to be the primary driver of this wholly unnecessary intention to simply eliminate the Planning Act and its reasonable provisions for embracing the interests of all interested parties.

So much for the troublesome and inconvenient elements that necessarily define a democracy!!