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Regarding the proposed changes to Minister's Zoning Orders (MZO's) under Bill 257, I am strongly opposed to this proposal which would effectively allow the Ontario government to destroy wetlands in Lower Duffins Creek in order to build a warehouse. The Lower Duffins Creek area is a place where I biked often when I used to live in Ajax from 2008 to 2011. It would be a tragedy to see these landscapes disappear.

I am also opposed to the recent wave of MZO's issued by the Ford government which lead to bulldozers partially demolishing Toronto's Foundry site recently; a blatant violation of the heritage status applied to the property by the City of Toronto years before. The Ontario government needs to stop imposing its will on Ontarians without meaningful consultation and start respecting municipal planning processes as well as their own Planning Act. I also urge the Ontario government to restore the power of conservation authorities to block developments which could have strongly negative impacts on the environment. Even though there is a legitimate need to build affordable housing and provide jobs for Ontarians, they must be done with environmental sustianability in mind.

Please do not proceed with Bill 257 and stop not only the destruction of the Lower Duffins Creek wetlands, but also that of Toronto's Foundry site.

Thank you.