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We need more housing today. The Region of Peel has rushed its adoption of the Region of Peel new Official Plan (ROP) and has failed to take into account the dire need for housing and how to practically achieve it today. Specifically, the ROP fails to take a bold stance against its municipalities and allows them too much liberty to create their own restrictive OPs that do not conform in spirit with the ROP or Provincial Policy. For example, the ROP does not encourage tall buildings in MTSAs and crucially does not stop municipalities from having height limits in their MTSA OPAs. Notoriously NIMBY Mississauga therefore has gone ahead and created MTSA OPs with restrictive height limits that prevent development. Mississauga has even taken it a step further where they have deleted the clause in their OP that states tall buildings ought to be directed to MTSAs. What is the point of the Province investing hundreds of millions of dollars in MTSAs if Nimby Mississauga can choose to forgo the benefits of such investment. If they're not going to allow building housing next to transit stations, what does that say for ROP? We need more housing today and in order to do so we need clear, decisive language to get it done. The ROP is toothless and will not get it done