While we need more housing…

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While we need more housing continuing urban sprawl is a disservice to Ontarians.

We need to limit sprawl and increase density to have a sustainable future, something especially important during the current climate crisis. Sprawl means more cars, more expensive transit, less farmland, less opportunity for outdoor recreation, more hard surfaces (more flooding).

Continuing to enable sprawl only kicks the can further down the road; it doesn't resolve the fundamental housing issue. At some point we need to intensify. Let's do intensify existing areas now before we commit to irreversible sprawl that lasts forever. The apparent collusion between Ontario and developers stinks and it's further reason to reconsider immediately.

I do not support allowing protections on the greenbelt to waiver. I do not support the current approach to the housing plan. We need to continue to protect the greenbelt and find a solution to the housing issues within those constraints.