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Please approve Region of Waterloo Official Plan Amendment 6 without revisions. The Official Plan was produced in full compliance of the Province’s mandated Municipal Comprehensive Review. It was subject to substantial community input including:
1. Open House (November 2019)
2. Survey on Regional Environmental Policy (November 2020)
3. Updated Long-Term Population and Housing Growth Analysis (December 2020)
4. Climate Change Policy Direction Paper and Survey (January 2021)
5. Growth Scenario Evaluation Technical Brief - Recommended Scenario (October 2021)
6. Draft Policies on Major Transit Station Areas and Regional Employment Areas (February 2022)
7. Draft Housing Policies (April 2022)
8. Growth Options (April 2022)
9. Recommended Approach to Growth and Draft Policies (June 2022)
10. Proposed amendment to the ROP (August 2022)
in addition to input at the municipal level.

Thank you.