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I understand that Ontario doesn’t require electricity generation for the time being but what about in the future? Where does Ontario’s electrical grid stand in 2024 when Pickering is closed?

We, Ontarians need to think and plan more than 4 years ahead.

I understand that the focus is primarily on electricity generation but what about other renewables? Heating and cooling buildings consumes large amounts of energy and creates a lot of carbon, noise pollution, and frankly eye sores on the roof of every building. I think cooling systems cause more damage to the environment vs. Renewable electrical sources.

Today, on October 9, 2018 it is a balmy 27c (feels like 36c)! I recommend that anyone who thinks modifying this renewable energy approval is a step in the right direction should open up their outside door, step outside and listen to the constant noise pollution of air conditioning units. I am a mechanical engineer, this can be fixed with more efficient heating and cooling solutions - which arnt as intensive in carbon and create better community involvement.

Will there be a focus on advancing renewable heating and cooling sources?