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I'd like to share my support and appreciation for the effort around this proposal. A few key points / comments:

- I previously did a research study on e-waste and keenly believe that the most effective way to manage e-waste is to put the onus on producers/manufacturers so they have incentives to make business decisions that are more holistic, designing and engineering products to be recovered, recycled etc. as well as set up infrastructure to recover materials, make it easier to sort and reuse. They have the most leverage and ability to make impact on environmental impact in my opinion
- Professionally, I work in design and tech, with a business background, and I genuinely believe that policy is the best way to intervene and spark change
- I volunteer with an organization named Repair Café and have seen many examples of products that are designed not to be repaired, or are difficult to disassemble. I think changing policy to encourage producers/manufacturers to design for better end-of-life management will likely result in products that are also easier to repair, diverting waste from landfills, and potentially opening more employment opportunities and service revenue streams in the economy
- "Our intention in exempting producers with recovery requirements below a certain threshold from collection and management responsibilities is to reduce burden on small businesses" => I think it's great that there is careful consideration being put towards ensuring that there's room for small businesses to grow into taking on more responsibility for their products as they gain more market share over time, and not make it a requirement at the beginning

Lastly, I just want to thank you for crafting this proposal and advocating for a more sustainable, holistic approach to how we produce, consume, and manage the products we have in our society. Thank you so much!

I'd be happy to offer additional feedback, or discuss any of the above. I can also find a copy of the e-waste study I did previously to share if that would be of help.