The proposed regulations…


The proposed regulations related to additional residential units are positive improvements that should be adopted. Municipalities weigh a range of factors in adopting zoning by-laws, and have long prioritised concerns of parking over the provision of the diverse forms of housing that communities require.

The proposed changes to limit the number of parking spaces that can be required for an accessory dwelling unit, clarifying that tandem parking is permitted, and clarifying that the zoning by-law cannot control who occupies either the primary or accessory unit (i.e. cannot require the owner to occupy the primary unit) are all positive improvements that will assist in increasing housing supply.

In addition to overly prioritizing parking concerns, municipalities often prescribe onerous standards on minimum and maximum unit size and prohibit the door to a second unit from facing a street. These also reduce supply and lower the quality of housing by leading entrances to these units to be placed in backyards or onto narrow side alleys. The province should consider implementing regulations that will similarly clarify and limit the ability to impose these requirements.

Overall, the proposed regulations related to secondary units are a good step.