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Drewlo Holdings Inc. commends the Province on the changes to the Planning Act, particularly changes in relation to the timelines that applications should be processed. We implore the Province to make these changes effective immediately. Additionally, we are supportive of the amendments which further encourage secondary suites, allowing individuals to enter the rental market.

However, there were a number of significant issues that were not addressed through Bill 108. Drewlo Holdings would like to highlight two important issues that still require attention:

1. Section 22 (2.1) and 34 ( of the Act, stipulate that there shall be no appeal for two years after the passing of an Official Plan or Zoning By-law.
2. Section 17 (36.5) of the Act stipulates that, where the approval authority is the Minister, this is no avenue for appeal of an Official Plan.

We request the Minister consider amendments to the Sections mentioned above as they cause unnecessary red-tape and delay to development applications, contributing to unattainable housing in Ontario.