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May 3, 2018

Laura Blease
Senior Policy Analyst
Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change
Policy and Planning Division
Environmental Policy Branch
777 Bay Street
Suite 700
Toronto ON M7A 2J8

Re: Response to Excess Soil Management Proposal
EBR Registry Number: 013-2774

Dear Laura,

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is the recognized voice of the Province’s planning profession. Our more than 4,000 members work in government, private practice, community agencies, academic institutions and not-for-profit agencies in a variety of specialties across Ontario. Our members meet strict practice requirements and are accountable to OPPI and the public to practice ethically and to abide by a Professional Code of Practice. Only Full Members are authorized by the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act, 1994, to use the title “Registered Professional Planner” (RPP).

On behalf of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, I am submitting our response to the Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change’s (MOECC) Excess Soil Management Proposal titled “Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal.” Our submission is intended to support the proposed amendment.

OPPI was pleased to participate in the Excess Soil Engagement Group (ESEG) since 2016. We have reviewed the proposed regulations along with the framework, and agree that the Provincial approach will effectively meet its two key goals.

As professional planners, we agree with the need to protect human health and the natural environment, and to provide opportunities for the beneficial reuse of excess soil, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation of this material.

OPPI is also satisfied with the previous outcome of amending the Municipal Act to eliminate the jurisdictional overlap between municipalities and conservation authorities regarding soil alteration in regulated areas. We recognize municipalities have a role and responsibility to regulate excess soil management at Reuse Sites. Municipalities, through the Planning Act, are responsible for ensuring land uses are integral to achieving the beneficial purpose of excess soil at Reuse Sites. As well, municipalities exercise their function to consider site plan control under the Planning Act.

We appreciate that, in September 2016, the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), with financial support from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, created and published the “Excess Soil By-law Tool.” With the On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation coming into effect, OPPI suggests this resource be revised and updated to reflect the framework and regulation.

In addition, it would be helpful for all municipalities and the public if updated municipal excess soil by-laws could be made available on the Ministry’s website as a method of sharing information and experiences for communities across Ontario.

Should you have any questions regarding our submission, please feel free to contact me at 416-483-1873 or by email at


Mary Ann Rangam
Executive Director
Ontario Professional Planners Institute